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United Hockey Clubs is a EASHL Organization, Twos Clubs working as One Organization... Bern Bears and Radio Flyers
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 Important Player Build Information

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Important Player Build Information Empty
PostSubject: Important Player Build Information   Important Player Build Information I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 10:45 am

Lt.Brannigan says...

I figured I would post this....as some newer players asked how all of it works.

Basically, when you first build your player, you get an option of your playing style. Then, you can select your equipment (only realistic ones for this team) and whether or not you want to boost. When boosting, you have one of two options. A boost pack, or regular individual boosts. You can NOT use both.

A boost pack is great for starting players, so I would recommend that to begin with until you unlock equipment and regular boosts.

Individual boosts offer the ability to boost up to +9 in any skill you wish. It is never worth boosting +1, so please keep that in mind. Only +5 and +3 boosts will make your player better in the long run. Also, I would not use individual boosts until you have +3 equipment available for each slot. (Yes, there is a +3 realistic helmet). This will allow you to make your player the best he can be, and I would recommend boost packs until then. Also, don't use individual boosts if you have only unlocked 1 or 2 of them. I think you should have 10 to 12 +3 or +5 boosts before really using it. Again, you want to be better than the boost pack, not worse. I personally have all 3 slot equipment unlocked and use that combined with 12 +3 and +5 bosts. Just keep in mind that overall does not matter as much as the ratings, as certain non-important AI ratings are taken into account, such as endurance.

Any time you want to remove boosts, you must, unfortunately, remove each peice of equipment that a boost is active on and then it will take it off. It is also important to know that you must remove boost packs before being allowed to use individual boosts, and you must also remove any boosting to add 'player xp' to your player after unlocking a card. After placing the xp, you can then re-add the boosts. This is to prevent people from re-loading there player and creating a new 99 gltich like in las years game.
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Important Player Build Information
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