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United Hockey Clubs is a EASHL Organization, Twos Clubs working as One Organization... Bern Bears and Radio Flyers
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 STRATEGY: Classic Breakout

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PostSubject: STRATEGY: Classic Breakout   STRATEGY: Classic Breakout I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 10:30 am

. Brannigan says...

I am not the most offensive minded person in the world, but this is the traditional fool proof breakout that we should stick to.

STRATEGY: Classic Breakout Ree%27s-breakout-drill

--D starts behind the net in the defensive zone

--Either D1 takes it straight out for a pass to the RW, or if stuck, passes along the outside to the LW.

--While the pass is being made, C is curling from the high slot toward the middle of the defensive zone and towards the side of the pass

--LW/RW (in this case LW) picks up the pass from D1 and fires the puck to the curling C

--RW streaks up the ice on the right side

--C controls the pass and skates into the offensive zone with RW

--LW follows up the ice along with D1 and D2, who are trailing

--Key skills here are stickhandling, passing, lateral movement, speed and controling the puck

It is very easy. You must do 3 things.
1. Wait for the D-man to get ready before skating out. DO NOT skate out quickly, but slowly work your way up the ice. Never abandon the zone until full puck control is established.
2. Pass the puck often and find an opening.
3. make cut moves when entering the offensize zone to avoid being hit, and find a pass immediately after entering to start a cycle. If there is no lane, it is not difficult to dump/chase.

*DUMP/CHASE* Once one of the wingers finds there is no lane, he is to dump it (using the high dump, just hold the RB longer). The other winger must time it perfectly and race after the puck, playing the boards and hoping for a player.
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STRATEGY: Classic Breakout
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